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    Slygon wrote:
    I just sent an e-mail to get added to the user map. Looks like I will be the only one in my state...I doubt it though.. lots of classic computer users here (Utah).

    Uhm.. welll... I'd have to register on the map some day too ;)


    I use IRC quite a lot for AmigaOS 4. I have been using Wookiechat on OS 4, but it looks like AmIRC is newer on MorphOS.. Is one better than the other, or is it just personal preference?

    Downside on AmIRC is that it doesn't support multiple networks in the same window, so you'll have to run separate instances for IRCNet, Libera, etc, but otherwise I find AmIRC much more solid experience and I've been using it since the 90s.. it's my choice still :) I don't think Wookiechat support secure connections... so it's mainly couple of features and overall experience for your taste that matters.
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