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    Thanks for all of the information so far!

    I just sent an e-mail to get added to the user map. Looks like I will be the only one in my state...I doubt it though.. lots of classic computer users here (Utah).

    I have the Chrysalis pack, I will start playing with it more. It looks really nice.

    I assume there is a good MorphOS IRC channel? I use IRC quite a lot for AmigaOS 4. I have been using Wookiechat on OS 4, but it looks like AmIRC is newer on MorphOS.. Is one better than the other, or is it just personal preference?

    Thanks again! I will be playing with this system a lot more over the next few days to see how much of my daily work I can do with it. With the Wayfarer browser, it may be a lot more than I was able to with OS 4.

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