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    I own a X5000 that I have been using for OS 4.1 since the machine was released. I am not an Amiga OS expert, but I have really enjoyed using both the machine and the OS. Now, MorphOS… I bought it for a PowerBook several years ago but rarely used it.. so I don’t have much, if any real experience with it…

    Which brings me to today… While I love OS 4.1, I have had problems with it… the real problem these days is the still constant fighting between rights holders, etc… so I got sick of it, bought a compatible graphics card and a better sound card, and bought another MorphOS license.

    That is the story… my question….

    What are some of the best apps and games that I should check out? Maybe a top 5 or so? Should I just go the Crystalis pack route? I already have the new browser, which is amazing!

    Thanks in advance!

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