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    I also started from AmigaForever :-)

    I completely agree with you
    Morphos is exactly a modern system that revives the "amiga" machine of yesteryear but with all the modern options like a browser and many other things that only amiga users can understand.

    In a few days I will receive a "DVI to HDMI" cable that I ordered
    the reason is that I would like to screen record the morphos system.
    I am not an expert in this but I hope it will work if it does not work patience.

    the video card to capture videos is this:

    and the DVI to HDMI cable is this:
    https://www.amazon.it/Startech-com-HDMIDVIMM6-HDMI-Cable-DVI-D/dp/B0002GRUIC/ref=pd_sbs_15/257-5126051-9311634?pd_rd_w=oDMog&pf_rd_p=73021367-940ba- 3816378c8630 & pf_rd_r = 1V4T20931C0N0ZRP3TY9 & pd_rd_r = 24f4f9c1-1afd-44e5-b774-acca245b2a14 & pd_rd_wg = qscbAw & pd_rd_i = B0002GRUIC & pd_rd_i = B0002GRUIC & pd_rd_i = B0002GRUIC & pd_rd_i = B0002GRUIC

    as i said i don't have much experience in this i hope i can somehow capture morphos videos via OBS.

    Currently on pc it works fine.
    Any suggestion is always helpful.
    Thank you.
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