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    white wrote:
    Yes, I am very happy to use it.
    basically everything I couldn't do with the 4.1 emulated became a reality with Morphos.
    this is the system I expected when I used 3.1 classic everyday and still had Amiga many years ago.

    I read the above and it is so similar to my experience.

    Last year I bought an updated Amiga Forever and a AmigaOS 4.1FE licence and then got it all installed and was so unimpressed, it made me dig out my old Efika with MorphOS installed on it.

    This then led to me getting a MacMini and installing 3.14 and finding that with OWB (and now the excellent Wayfarer) I could actually do the things I want to do on a MorphOS machine, like surf the web, watch YouTube, play some classic 3D games that had passed me by over the last 20 years.

    Since then I've bought my Powerbook and managed to get a G5 and with the G5 it really does make me think I am just using a modern extension of my old PowerTower running OS3.1 back around 1999. I turn it on to have fun, not something I've done on a computer really since 1999.

    What MorphOS allows us to do is use an Amiga like operating system in the year 2021 and I just hope that it can be taken forward onto more powerful modern hardware so that we can continue to use it day to day in years to come.
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