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    Thanks, for watching some of my videos
    Yes, I am very happy to use it.
    basically everything I couldn't do with the 4.1 emulated became a reality with Morphos.
    this is the system I expected when I used 3.1 classic everyday and still had Amiga many years ago.

    I still have to understand a lot of things about Morphos but it's so easy to use because everything I try works :-)
    Although I will surely always need a lot of advice.
    With the G4 I found a 140 gigabyte hd when it was sold to me I intend to put all the amiga and morphos material in it.

    I still have to fix a few things and later it is right to support those who develop this os by purchasing a key.

    The backup was important to be able to edit everything I like.
    I solved it by formatting an external hd with SFS
    and then copying all four partitions with Dopus
    I tried to reset it and it works perfectly.

    I would like to make the GUI much faster but I still haven't been able to.

    I will definitely need some advice :-)

    "The demo tests were the first things I tried together with E-UAE"

    Morphos Rating 10 :-)
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