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    Surely a video with all the applications running would be a nice presentation.
    I have seen videos on youtube that last even 2 hours but in the end you only see menus and windows and do not encourage you to use morphos as the main "amiga" system at least for me.
    I like to see the applications running video games browser and also E-UAE as it works well.

    I tried the killing ground 2 3d I was very impressed with the speed of execution.
    Demo-scenes also work well
    why should i use "UAE" if it works well with morphos the JIT 1.0 version works well for demo-scenes
    E-UAE is a player to see old demo-scenes I use it this way.
    Cannot replace "winuae"
    But as a player it's perfect that way

    if the hardware allows it and lasts (we hope :-)
    this is my main amiga system
    because I can do it all together

    at the launch of the playstation 5 you don't only see the GUI menu but show the potential of the "games"

    Also FPSE I will use it to see the PSX demos too I have yet to try it but I think it works fine.

    I just have to configure everything but it's easy because the machine supports this software natively.

    in short, I really like Morphos and I will push it as far as it goes :-)
    I got this G4 because I want a system that has to do everything in the "amigaos" landscape

    and I hope to always find all the valuable advice from all users to guide me where I can't :-)
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