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    > I would like to understand why it has not been supported in the
    > amiga world […]. […] I think this system was supposed to replace
    > all amiga systems but this was not done and I wonder why :-)

    The MorphOS team and Amiga Inc. couldn't come to terms with regard to MorphOS as the official AmigaOS, hence MorphOS continued to lack the name many AmigaOS 3.x users wanted the successor to bear.

    > It would take a video on the official morphos site where you can
    > see all the applications that Morphos is able to run from E-UAE

    Running UAE is nothing special. You can do this on all the mainstream systems, so I doubt this would be effective. More interesting for Amiga users of old is certainly the fact that MorphOS can run old system-friendly applications *without* UAE.
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