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    white wrote:
    This system is spectacular compliments.
    I have tried various applications I am really happy with it
    I was not expecting something like this
    I can't add anything else it would be useless

    I agree, and that's why we are using it instead of other (Amiga) systems ;)

    Would be nice to hear how long you have known MorphOS before starting to experience with it? And what kind of impression/thought you did have before you tried it? Is there something "marketing department" should do differently or emphasize?


    I consider E-UAE an important part of the morphos system
    currently i edited the config file manually and everything works perfectly.
    But I would like to understand how the GUI works to work better with it
    is there a guide for this?

    I rarely use E-UAE myself.. just occasional tests mainly, so can't help with this.


    What are the keyboard shortcuts for E-UAE?

    Some E-UAE archives contain Docs directory, and keyboard shortcuts are explained in Docs/keyboard.txt (and use ctrl-left alt combination instead of the F12 key).

    For example this archive contains the documentation:


    also i can not in any way use the special characters i looked on google but all the suggestions seem not to work.
    The keyboard I use is Italian on the powerbook

    Can you give an example which special character doesn't work and how you try to get it?


    Is there a software program for capturing videos on what happens on Morphos?

    Screen Recorder can capture screen or part of it as a video while you're using the system, but video encoding is a heavy process, so it's mostly usable to record some area around the mouse or so. Fullscreen is too heavy for G4 and for that it'd be better to use external video capture devices.
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