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    white schrieb:
    Thank you,
    I have two powerbooks
    G4 1.5ghz ati 9700 64mb 512mb ram
    G4 1.67ghz ati 9700 128mb 2gb ram

    if I use the primary video card everything works perfectly on the external monitor. (1920x1080) with both machines
    if select Mob.1 wayfarer crashes with external monitor (1920x1080)

    Also with version 1.21 when I close the browser either with the menu or with the window gadget the application is not closed.

    I confirm OWB is smooth with video playback if I use the external monitor with the primary card without using Mob.1
    (only with the G4 with ati 128mb)

    [ Edited by white 04.06.2021 - 18:00 ]

    Due to your tests, I also gave it a quick try on my PBook5,8 with Wayfarer1.21 on an external Mob.1 2560x1080 screen playing some youtube stream and it seemed to work fine. So I guess it needs more details to run into any issues. At least with 128MB vmem it is less likely to run out of video memory but it definitely shouldn't crash as well. It also did set the whole external screen to black once I quitted WF1.21 on that MUI screen.
    Did you send any reports to our internal bugtracker with all your crashes/tests ?
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