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    Thank you,
    I have two powerbooks
    G4 1.5ghz ati 9700 64mb 512mb ram
    G4 1.67ghz ati 9700 128mb 2gb ram

    if I use the primary video card everything works perfectly on the external monitor. (1920x1080) with both machines
    if select Mob.1 wayfarer crashes with external monitor (1920x1080)

    Also with version 1.21 when I close the browser either with the menu or with the window gadget the application is not closed.

    I hope it will be useful in some way.

    To get the main video card I deleted ddc.library

    I confirm OWB is smooth with video playback if I use the external monitor with the primary card without using Mob.1
    (only with the G4 with ati 128mb)

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