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    Kronos schrieb:
    Just in case noone asked "how far will it go" :

    2656x2160@30Hz !!!

    Bunch of caveats:
    - needs an active adaptor to convert from DualLink-DVI to DP
    - needs a screen going down to 30Hz
    - need to boot with CTRL pressed to force the buildin screen to 1024x768 (100% GFX trash otherwise)
    - while the correct width at 3840 is listed there seems to be a hardcoded limit at 2656
    - resulting screen is distorted to the point of being unusable
    - smaller modes are also somewhat distorted

    Under OSX it will max out at FullHD but looking good.

    -> some fun stuff to tinker with

    Well, while some of it is true, it definitely depends on the type of monitor you attach to it.
    It should be pretty OK if you just attach a FullHD display with some HDMI/DVI input connection to it and even some 2560x1600 (WQXGA) DualLink DVI display should still run OK.
    I wouldn't try to get a 4K display (3840x2160) working with it as the GPU used across our supported PowerBooks is pretty much limited to accelerate screens with a max width of 2656 due to some hardware limitations of the clipping unit.
    I successfully used a dual screen setup via digital DVI out on my PowerBook5,8 connected to some 2560x1080 or 2560x1440 (WQHD) screen at least.
    I have no experience using any of the active DVI->DP converters, though. Using a HDMI input which is pretty common nowadays is probably the better option then. You are limited to single link DVI mode, though, which means it maxes out around FullHD resolutions.
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