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    Thanks for the reply.
    tomorrow i will get a dvi to hdmi adapter
    but I believe the problem will remain

    I'm sorry because I like the system
    the strange thing is that it recognizes the monitor and the exact resolution
    for example the powerbook monitor goes black
    because the exchange takes place on the external monitor
    (I don't even have to choose Mob.1)
    and switch the display to the external samsung monitor
    and I can also save the chosen resolution 1920x1080 but keep it only in the current session.
    when you restart everything returns as before with the standard resolution 1440x960 as if you had not saved the new resolution.

    thinking about it actually transmits the signal on the external monitor correctly but then does not save the configuration because until the restart of morphos everything works fine.
    but this is just my idea :-)

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