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    Mob.1 mode never appears I have followed all the steps but I just can't do it

    I tried instead done in this way and it is perfect the resolution is has 1920x1080p

    in monitor I replace LCD Monitor and choose:
    samsung syncmaster 20GLsi 1920x1080
    then I choose:
    1920p 50hz 56.25khz

    I save
    then I go to screen
    I choose:

    and it's perfect
    everything works perfectly the monitor automatically configures the coordinates of the resolution.

    I save
    but on reboot everything is as before
    it's as if he hasn't memorized anything.

    if you need I can make a video to explain myself better
    thanks again for any help i really appreciate it.

    I did not think I would encounter problems with the resolution of the monitor :-)
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