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    jacadcaps wrote: One thing you could do is donate hardware so that we have a bigger pool of test devices.

    Was that message meant for me specifically (NewSense) - or every user, or just GMKai?

    Where would such hardware be donated to? Bear in mind that some USB audio hardware is not cheap, and is useful also on other systems, so permanently parting with hardware that I spent a lot of money buying in the first place, and sending it to the Dev Team, with no expectation of ever getting it back is not something that I for one relish the idea of. :-(

    I know it may advance the USB audio, but then the MorphOS USB audio just doesn't seem to work as intended currently anyway, so probably if what hardware the Dev Team own for USB audio is got working as a single/multiple piece(s) of hardware with MorphOS, and ones that do work correctly with other main OS's. Then for the Dev Team to ask for additional hardware for testing, with no likelihood of return/getting it back after testing is completed is still not a good thing/encouragement for me.

    Though if there was a likelihood of return/getting it back after testing is completed (I as an owner wouldn't mind paying for its return) then I'd be OK with that, but for the Dev Team to keep my property is not something I'd really be happy with, would anyone else? :-?

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