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    I got hold of this device:

    Jabra Engage 75

    when connecting the device Poseidon logs this:


    16:20:45| 5-usbaudio.class: Recording mode with 1 channel(s) and 16 bits could not be matched to an output mode.
    16:20:45| 10-poseidon.library: GET_INTERFACE(1) failed: short packet received (9)
    16:20:45| 10-poseidon.library: GET_INTERFACE(2) failed: short packet received (9)

    The device is visible in Poseidon and audiosettings can be made to have it as outputdevice.

    But when playing music there is no sound to hear.
    The device itself works with a windows-machine.
    Is there something to look at or any way to have/make the device work?
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