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    I used to have am Amiga 500 with the 1MB expansion, and have watched the Amiga fight over the years and am ready to dive n and build a MorphOS system

    I looked at hardware requirements, and I want to use a PowerMac G4 or G5- otherwise I have a few questions:

    Is there a noticeable difference in using a G5 vs G4? (Or, for that matter, a Mac mini?) I want to optimize and make it as powerful as I can... although I keep reading how smooth it is, so maybe I'm overthinking how much horsepower I need in CPU, RAM and GPU?

    If I want to run two monitors, what GPU(s) are best for MorphOS?

    I miss my Amiga days and think I'm going to enjoy using my MorphOS machine for creative stuff I miss doing. I'm really looking forward to jumping in!

    Finally- because the history of the Amiga has been so winding and twisted (I'm as familiar as anyone that followed) I don't really know where to start with MorphOS. I plan on writing on it, playing music, def old Amiga games, web browsing (assuming experience is good) but mostly I want a different OS. I'm bored to death in my day to day using the same crap we're all locked into now and I need a creative outlet. I want to get excited when I power on my computer again like I was in the 90s. Slowly but surely, I'll use it more as I discover what MorphOS apps I prefer using on it
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