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    >> I still have a Radeon 9200 128MB (Mac) PCI GFX card that I used [...] in my
    >> PowerMac G5 [...] PCI slot, now whether that will also work in combination
    >> with a Radeon 9600 AGP card [...] I don't know, but it might

    > MorphOS cannot use more than one Radeon card at a time. That's a driver restriction.

    ...or can it?

    "If legacy W3D support is important [...], you can also stick R9xxx card in G5 machines to have both raw speed and classic compatibility. One of my friends did this kind of solution."

    Edit: On the other hand, "raw speed" may very well not refer to a primary R300+ AGP graphics card but to the G5 CPU, which would mean the R200 graphics card is actually the only graphics card in the system.

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