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    Brunty wrote:
    Installed the X1950 and boot. The Voodoo is active and displays, but freezes on the "MorphOs 3.11 loading" splash screen.

    Why keep the Voodoo?


    I took the X1950 back out and it boots normally. But then I realised that the connector is different to the Nvidia's. The "hook" is further back on the Nvidia with an extra connector making the whole connector much longer.

    The G5 has got an AGP Pro slot. The genuine Apple cards that have an ADC connector need additional 25V and USB signal from the mainboard to pass them to ADC monitor, hence the AGP is "upgraded". But standard AGP card should work too.

    Are you sure your card is not faulty? Once I had an X1950 thad wouldn't work, but it did after some hot air rework. It stopped after a few weeks though (not that I didn't expect that).
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