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    Hi again.

    I've had some progress. Over the week I got some extra RAM and an ATI Radeon X11950pro.

    I also found that part of my problem was the original reason the computer had been turned into a coffee table (literally!). One of the CPUs was intermittently faulty. Removed and things got better. I read somewhere that MorphOs only uses one CPU anyway.

    So, managed to install MorphOs keeping the NVidia card installed but connecting to the Voodoo 3 3000 pci. Removed the Nvidia and it now boots straight up and diplays nicely with the Voodoo.

    Installed the X1950 and boot. The Voodoo is active and displays, but freezes on the "MorphOs 3.11 loading" splash screen.

    I took the X1950 back out and it boots normally. But then I realised that the connector is different to the Nvidia's. The "hook" is further back on the Nvidia with an extra connector making the whole connector much longer.

    I'm new to Apple hardware, so any tips?

    Oh, and I have got the 2x molex going to the Radeon.



    **Update -
    Well, turns out that it hadn't frozen on the splash screen. After a long time (maybe 15-20 mins) it displayed the grey Ambient screen. I went off to make coffee and when I came back the screen was still displayed, but the fans were on full.

    **Update 2 -
    I've done some reading up on AGP graphics card slots. I had no idea there were so many types. Clearly, I've bought the wrong card...

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