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    I have a storage question. The mini has a 44 pin ide just like my 500 and 1200. I could just pop a cf card adapter with cf card in or I’ve been thinking about getting an mSATA with 2.5” adapter case with 44 pin ide. I’m not sure if there will be a noticeable performance difference. What should I do here?

    As already suggested, get an mSATA to IDE adapter. I have good experinece with Kingston mSATA drives on these adapters (mini and Powerbook). It gives quite a boost.

    What speeds are you getting out of it?

    More than twice the speed of the original Mac mini hdd wich was 34643 KB (Hitach 5400rpm 80 GB)i and with the Kingston (SMS200S) I got 78407 KB/s with the programI used for testing (MasterISO - for some historical reasons).

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