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    "In the standard MorphOS installation where you have the boot.img on a HFS partition, but the actual installation on a SFS partition, the HFS partition should not be bootable and SFS should. And this kind of setup was suggested in the 2nd post, although it suggested to use volume name, but I think device name is needed. Booting an installed MorphOS system from HFS isn't supported. And the MorphOS CD isn't in HFS format."

    --So the HFS partition is in reality a SFS partition? That would explain why experiments in the 2nd post failed. But why can I see the files when I mount the .iso image file? Is it a kind of hybrid filesystem type HFS/SFS?


    "If you boot from the MorphOS CD, you can then use the Info command in the shell to see what device names you have on the MorphOS side."

    --The problem is that I cannot get so far that MorphOS boots, I can get just the bootloader "boot.img" to boot (until the point it prints "DO-QUIESENCE" on the Open Firmware prompt).


    "I could try to experiment with sticks with APM, but that goes to the next week earliest..."

    --Time is no problem, when you can solve my problem. I have already wasted almost a month getting to boot MorphOS from a APM-formatted USB stick. If you showed me how to get the bootloader to boot from the .iso image file placed on a APM/FAT32 partition, I would be all happy!

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