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    Regarding putting OWB or any other program on its own screen I modified my Settings>System>IControl>Hotkeys "Screen To Back:" Hotkey, so that when I press Left Command+x it allows me to switch from screen to screen very quickly.

    The reason choosing 'x' is because it is right next to the Left Command key so I can easily do that screen-swap with one hand, as the default setting is for Left Command+m, and Left Command+n to move the Desktop Window to front, which as a default setting makes it very awkward/cumbersome in my opinion to use, as it requires a more awkward hand position than my choice, IMHO. ;-).

    You can of course use the right mouse click when you are over the top right screenbar 'window' gadget to select options that including a specific active screen and left click on it to swap to the screen you want to change to, or select any of the other options then visible.

    There is also another option that I have found useful, if you don't already know about it, and that is, to alter/edit the "Advanced.conf" file that is in System:Prefs/Ambient folder, so that the option that is by default disabled, by use of a semi-colon in front of ";donotputrefwindowtosleep = false" then reads "donotputrefwindowtosleep = true" this option allows you to continue to do other copying or deleting or renaming, etc. of files within a directory while another process is on-going, such as copying many files to a destination, while viewing an image or accessing/loading a file into another program which allows you to make better use of the whole system as you can multi-task within that directory structure.

    I have found very few instances, if any, of issues connected with changing this functionailty, other than making the whole system easier, and more friendly to use.

    I hope you really enjoy using MorphOS, as it's a great OS, and IMHO entirely worth it for the utter enjoyment of using a really efficient, customisable, and yet wonderfully easy-to-use, friendly OS, which is a rare thing indeed, so fully with such a fairly priced one-off payment, for the current and future releases, to buy a full license key.
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