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    So here I am, new MorphOS users for a couple of days and really impressed by the OS and everything. OSX was running so sluggish on this machine while MorphOS flies on it! Very neat! Still as a newbie I got a couple of questions and I hope someone can fill me in?

    1.) OWB does have a memory leak, does it? I have the memory module activated at the top bar and it is so irritating to see memory usage constantly grow to like 70% when browsing the web. Once I close OWB, it jumps back to like 10% usage or something ...

    2.) Struggling a bit with the Icon system in Ambient. I now understand what .info files are for and why some files are invisible. Still a bit awkward having to activate "view all files" every time. Is there a way to easy copy + paste a generic .info file in order to get a simple folder? Or can I make the "view all files" default ? (haven't found the setting yet)

    3.) I noticed there is MorphOS Files, MorphOS Software Database and Aminet? Where do you guys get the latest files? (I do use the excellent Grunch, but I am looking for things like Icon-Sets)

    4.) The skinability of MorphOS is excellent! Reminds me of the old classic MacOS days. Having a computer look the way I like is great :-) I think I once saw a video of a MorphOS computer having an animated background where leafs would fall down the screen. Where can I get that?

    5.) Is there a keyboard shortcut for iconifying the active window? (it's a bit tedious to use the menu every time I want put OWB on pause)

    6.) I got a good solid post script compatible printer (Kyocera FS-1370DN). Is Postscript printing possible via MorphOS?

    7.) Is there a website dedicated to MorphOS software reviews ? I'd really like to get to know what software is around. I'd be looking for sort of a financial planning software to keep track our family spendings ? Or a messenger supporting the ICQ protocol?

    8.) Is there a way to make classic amiga games emulation starting by simply double click the icon, to give it a more native feeling? (thinking of something like running classic Mac OS software on Mac OS X)

    9.) Any good MorphOS Blogs to read except Yasu's (retired for now) blog?

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