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    My name is maarten and I just installed morphos 3.9 on my powermac g5.
    It works like a charm for about 30 minutes. Then the slowdown kicks in.

    I am thinking of register it, but I have a few things to work out.
    I do have the chrysalis pack installed.

    But my main problem is with UAE.
    I love to play old amiga games but somehow uae does not work.
    So how can I get it to work proparly.

    I do have cloanto's amiga forever 2006. And copied the kick roms.
    What I would like is that I can simply click on a adf and that uae kicks in and I can play the game in a window.
    Doesn't need to be full screen.

    I am new to morphos and the only amiga I ever had was an amiga 500.
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