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    jPV wrote:
    I don't know where you have got that impression, but I have always booted Mac minis (for example both 1.42GHz and 1.5GHz minis) from USB with the method presented here (you can usually skip the formatting of the USB device, if you have a FAT compatible stick):

    I tried USB booting (from that exact guide) a couple of times, and I can get to the OF boot and it takes the launch command, and I get the "Loading ELF" message, and then the next line goes to "D0-QUIESCE Finished" and just sits there forever (I don't get any lines between these two messages, in the screenshots in the guide it looks like I should see CPU info etc between the two lines?).

    I then was googling around for USB boot options and on a forum I read the line "The mini doesn't support USB boot" - when I'm home I can source that reference :)


    Some people have reported, that if the CD reading part of the drive is defunct, it still can read DVD discs. So, try to burn the MorphOS image to a DVD and try that way. And if it doesn't work with the C key pressed on the boot, can you see the disc when going to Mac's startup menu by pressing the Alt key on the boot?

    Unfortunately the optical drive in my mini is a CD/CD-R/CD-RW drive and not a DVD drive so I don't think that'll work :) And yeh, I've been using the 'hold alt' method too to get to the boot menu, but I'm just offered the OSX system disk to boot from.


    I'm still betting we'll find a way to boot it for you :)

    Well let's get our thinking caps on! :D

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