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    There is a serious problem with YAM 2.9pl. It is not possible to send mail with it. I get an arror message that my server address is invalid and the TCP/IP settings are wrong, which is simply untrue. This is therefore a bug, I suppose. Has anyone else got that problem?

    The problem is nonexistent with SimpleMail. I would prefer to use YAM however as it is more sophisticated.



    Symbola wrote:
    Thanks for that info Andreas, I appreciate your assistance…

    I had a small problem where pre-selection did not work, the window froze, did nothing and disappeared. I turned it off in the configuration (TCP/IP -> Receive mail (POP3) -> Pre-selection), I set it to never…

    I now have a working Yam set up, I'm very happy…

    Thanks again for your help :)

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