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    DFergFLA wrote:
    Question 1:
    What to do first when the system stops responding. I do have MorphOS just stop responding, mainly when I'm using OWB. The only thing I have found to do is to reastart, but is that really the only thing? I am looking for the MorphOS version of "Ctrl + Alt + Del" Also whasn't there something about some new software/feature that would keep a program from freezing the whole system? Girmm Reaper or something, or was that OS4??

    Grimm Reaper is indeed an OS4 thing, but on MorphOS if program has crashed (window title tells something like application is meditating or something, can't remember for sure), you can try to quit it once more from the close gadget and MorphOS asks if the program should be closed and its resources free'ed.

    And more about the iKill program here: http://library.morph.zone/Shell_Commands/iKill

    But if it has taken the whole system with it, you can't do much. And in any case if some program crashes, it's safer to reboot, because it may have trashed some other memory areas, which can cause nasty behaviour elsewhere sooner or later (you don't want to trash filesystem when writing into it, for example).

    So, the simple rule: reboot if anything crashes in any case.

    If the system hasn't crashed, you should be able to boot with ctrl-command-command keyboard combination, and with fn-alt-alt keyboard combination on laptops with an ADB keyboard.

    Instead of killing programs after the crashes, you should pay more attention how the programs behave before the total crash/lockup. Look regularly the debug log if there are hits (hundreds of lines "cryptic" text). When you build and use your system, you should avoid programs making those. If you see some program hitting, and you don't absolutely need to use it, stop using the program and find a better working alternative for it. Or learn to avoid program's features which cause the hits. If program is not replaceable, like OWB, you should just check the log occasionally and reboot before it crashes totally if there are hits. OWB shouldn't do those all the time, but I'd disable the flash plugin if you're using it...


    Question 2:
    Possibly the most important question. Can I play Lemmings? If so, how?

    With E-UAE at least. The Amiga version needs Amiga's custom chips, so it doesn't work directly under MorphOS on other computers. I don't know if there are any SDL ports or similar nowadays...
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