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    DFergFLA wrote:
    Hi, I downloaded DAPlayer and I really like. On the webiste in the readme it states " id3tag.library to read ID3 tags" is needed to read id3 tags. I went to aminet and found libid3tag-morphos.lha. But I can't find anywhere that tells me what to do now. Where does this have to go for DAPlayer to use it to read mp3 tags?

    That's not the correct library. This is: http://aminet.net/package/util/libs/id3tag_lib (DAPlayer page has a link to it).

    There isn't MorphOS native version of it, but you can use the 68k version.

    Just copy the id3tag.library file from the archive to your SYS:Libs/ directory, and it should work automatically with the DAPlayer then.
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