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    Yasu wrote:
    New blog post up:

    Connecting MorphOS to a network


    Few notes...

    First, your MorphOS is already connected to a network when you can access the internet, but it's more about connecting to a network share (or more precisely mounting a SMB or Samba share). SMB is a Windows file sharing protocol and Samba is a free re-implementation of that for other systems.

    So SMBFS means SMB (or SaMBa) File System, and it mounts a shared remote directory on the filesystem level to your MorphOS system. It's just a lightweight client program and you can't share anything from your MorphOS with it. To share some files from MorphOS you'd need a full installation of Samba (to get the server components), but it's much more bloated, so if you can live with just mounting other shares I wouldn't recommend to install it.

    And then to the more important stuff :)

    When you add your own mounting lines and also make the quit scrpt, you don't actually need the "Smart_SMBFS" at all, unless you just want to pick the icons or something from it. But the actual Smart_SMBFS script is totally useless for you. The rest of the lines you leave there are just for dismounting a single share (in a clumsy way) if you run the script again. And it won't even work in this case.

    So, you could very well just create two totally new scripts with your lines on it.

    Or if you want to take the toggling of mounting/dismounting with the one and same script, then it could look like this for example:

    IF NOT EXISTS env:smbrem
    RUN >NIL: smbfs //mediacenter/douga workgroup foo volume Douga devicename smb0
    RUN >NIL: smbfs //mediacenter/momo workgroup foo volume Momo devicename smb1
    RUN >NIL: smbfs //yasupc/download workgroup foo volume A1_Download devicename smb2 username Yasu password xxx
    RUN >NIL: smbfs //yasupc/video workgroup foo volume A1_Video devicename smb3 username Yasu password xxx
    RUN >NIL: smbfs //yasupc/shared workgroup foo volume A1_Shared devicename smb4 username Yasu password xxx
    SetEnv smbrem 1
    RUN >NIL: break `status com “smbfs ‘//mediacenter/douga'”`
    RUN >NIL: break `status com “smbfs ‘//mediacenter/momo'”`
    RUN >NIL: break `status com “smbfs ‘//yasupc/download'”`
    RUN >NIL: break `status com “smbfs ‘//yasupc/video'”`
    RUN >NIL: break `status com “smbfs ‘//yasupc/shared'”`
    Unsetenv smbrem

    BTW. you can also dismount SMBFS shares one by one from the Eject screenbar module on the MorphOS with your mouse.

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