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    JJ wrote:
    looks like either the charging circuit or the power pack has just given up the ghost on on my powerbook. Was that hot electronic smell and laptop been on for weeks :(

    That sucks, did you clean it out after you recieved/bought it? That is the first thing I think of doing when I buy, or have given to me, old electronic equipment. With computers, I sometimes also remove all heat sinks, and apply new thermal paste. Depending on what kind of environment the electronics come from, they can be extremely dusty inside, as most people never open up the case of anything, to clean the dust out.

    I hope you can fix it, but if not, maybe you can use it for spare parts, and find another one just like it, to replace the dead one.

    Good luck with your learning of "C/C++", I hope you don't give up because of this set back.
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