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    That was what I had been doing. I have worked out the issue. Seems the source files have to end .c if you are creating a c project or it ignores the file when you add it to the project

    Source files can be

    C: "#?.c"
    C++: "#?.(c(c|pp|xx))"
    ObjC: "#?(.m|mm)"

    Similar filters for header files and otherwise the file is categorised as a resource. It is extremely uncommon to have a C source file not ending *.c so it's better that you take the habit of naming your files like that already from the beginning.

    Hopefully some tutorials and example projects for FlowStudio will become available one day. It can indeed be a bit of challenge to figure this stuff out if you're new to it but don't give up! Keep asking questions both here and on irc :-)



    Thanks will keep at it. Learning C at the same time:) Luckily not too much of a syntax issue moving from Java :) Just all the other differences to get over :)
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