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    jPV wrote:

    asrael22 wrote:
    Why actually Lua?
    Isn't Arexx good enough? As a pretty much first time Arexx user the language actually feels kind of fresh and it is very much integrated into the OS.

    Unfortunately it seems that ARexx is a dead end, no matter how nice it has been. There isn't native ARexx implementation and you need an old 3rd party 68k library to get it work fully. BTW. OS4 is in the same situation, even they don't have PPC native ARexx, because it's originally written in 68k assembly and it'd be a huge task to rewrite it from scratch.

    Doesn't AROS has a working Arexx implementation, at least partial? And they can compile against a variety of architectures.
    It could be extended so that existing Arexx programs will continue to work.

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