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    I'm currently trying to build the cross compiler suite on OSX 10.9 but it fails when try to build binutils. :/

    I'm using gcc-4.9 not clang and i've modified Bigfoot's setup-cross-sdk.sh to use gnu-tar and a remove a couple other linux-isms that made the script fall over.

    It now gets as far as trying to build binutils but fails at this point

    creating Makefile
    if [ -n "" ] && [ ! -d pic ]; then
    mkdir pic;
    else true; fi
    touch stamp-picdir
    echo "# !Automatically generated from ../../libiberty/functions.def"
    "- DO NOT EDIT!" >needed2.awk
    grep '^DEFVAR(' < ../../libiberty/functions.def
    | sed -e '/DEFVAR/s|DEFVAR.([^,]*).*|/1/ { printf "#ifndef NEED_1\n#define NEED_1\n#endif\n" }|'
    grep '^DEFFUNC(' < ../../libiberty/functions.def
    | sed -e '/DEFFUNC/s|DEFFUNC.([^,]*).*|/1/ { printf "#ifndef NEED_1\n#define NEED_1\n#endif\n" }|'
    gcc -c -m32 -O3 -I. -I../../libiberty/../include -I../../libiberty ../../libiberty/dummy.c 2>/dev/null
    make[1]: *** [dummy.o] Error 1
    make: *** [all-libiberty] Error 2

    Any ideas? I'm tired and annoyed so i'm off to have a smoke now.
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