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    I've replied to Marek by email, so I past my reply here as it could be useful for many:

    Yes, there is an offical way. Use the distutil module for that.
    With 2.5.4, all your scripts and .pym dyn modules should go into
    site-packers folder.
    lib-dynload is reserved for python-itself dyn modules, not for third parties.

    Please read the documentation here:

    It explains how to write a setup.py file to install and/or distribute
    (even to yourself only ;-))
    all your files.

    Now, it's always possible to do it by hand, specially when you got
    only few files:
    just copy them in the site-package directory.

    if it's a package (multiple python scripts into a dedicated directory
    tree), you must have
    a __init__.py file in each directory of the tree (except site-package
    itself obviously).

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