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    New version to be found in the old place.

    This is a kinda stop gap release as I have run into a small (mental) roadblock with this project while I got plenty ideas for another.

    I did finally settle on how to define/include structures.

    - you can "require" a header which will initialize all structures at that point
    - you can use "add_header" which will only initialize a structure when it is used the 1st time (some caveats still apply)
    - you can dump the structures used (based on those added with "add_header") to include them directly in a release version

    In the definition you can now add a 3rd value that will determine wether it is a pointer (0), a single value (1 or NIL) or an embedded array (2 or higher).

    I also added a "DATA" ID so one can copy a whole struct instead of just a reference (pointer) to it. This whole "treat as a pointer or not" issue is what is stopping me atm as LUA just does not have such concepts.

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