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    New version to be found in the old place.

    - LibCall() will now fail if the called function failed (the result is a NIL value)
    - LibCall() can return Integer values
    - "virtual structs" aka just pointers without a closer definition did already

    Updated the example to reflect that.

    I have also changed muistructs.lua to register all structs at launch. This will lead to a noticeable delay and eats quite some memory (the whole thing also still leaks some).

    I do have some idea to reduce the bloat (and will for sure fix the leaks) but that requires some testing.

    - clean up code
    - debug versions that provide info useful for developing scripts

    I will now switch focus on 1 or 2 other projects where I plan to use LUA_MUI which should help finding and fixing remaining issues.
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