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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > is there a way to run the script with double-click?

    You can go to "Ambient Settings" > "Mime" to edit the MIME type handling for .rexx files (which is what gives you the right-click execute option currently) to execute with Rx upon double-click, or you can create a project icon for the .rexx file and enter Rx as default tool. There may be more ways.

    Yeah, if you don't want to change the behaviour for _all_ arexx files, but just for this single file, just create an icon and set the default tool.

    To create an icon, open the Icon Information window for the script, change the Type to Project, enter Rx as the default tool, and when clicking the Save button it creates a new "graphicless" icon. So, Ambient makes this easy and no need to copy/create actual icon files around like on Amiga...

    When I do this, UAE starts up and load my WB 3.2 like expected- but when it´s loaded, UAE closed and I get an empty "Rx Output" Window.

    edit: Ah, UAE runs on another screen, it seems. Did not know it would do this. Btw, is there a way to do a screen-drag in MorphOS or is directly switching only option?

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