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    Mozzerfan schrieb:

    Elowan wrote:
    Any clues on the script?

    I just checked the script. If I deliberately make an error in uaedir, the script ends with
    an error: 13 *_* pragma('D', uaedir)
    ++++ Command returned 10

    So I suggest you doublecheck what you entered in uaedir etc.
    Copy the uaedir path and paste it in a shell in combination with the cd command. (for example)
    If that goes wrong, you made a mistake in the uaedir path.

    [ Edited by Mozzerfan 31.08.2022 - 19:21 ]

    Ahhh, man !
    It was just too late, I made mistakes in the path´s (one "/e-uae" was too much) ;)
    Now the scripts runs as expected.

    Ok - so there is one more thing: to run this script, I do a right-click on the uaeexe.rexx script and choose "Execute with Rx..." to start.

    Question: is there a way to run the script with double-click? Would be cool :)

    Thanks to all so far - looks like the MorphOS community is allive and very willing to help-

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