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    ok, I figured out ;)

    Now I can run the script, but it kind of fails:

    13 *_* pragma('D', uaedir)
    ++++ Command returned 10

    UAE: Failed to load kickstart image kick.rom
    After clicking "OK":

    32 *_* UAEEXE 'wbrun ' resolvedpath:
    ++++ Command returned 10

    I did the config with rhLaunch and I start it from within the script:

    uaedir = "Work:E-UAE_1.0.0.0-JIT/e-uae"
    uaepath = "Work:E-UAE_1.0.0.0-JIT/e-uae"
    uaeconfig = "Work:E-UAE_1.0.0.0-JIT/e-uae/Conf/A1200-020-688881HR.conf"

    (this three lines are the only ones, I modified to match my E-UAE installation)

    In my config file "A1200-020-688881HR.conf" under "Work:E-UAE:"
    the path to kick.rom is set:


    If I start this config from rhLaunch, the emulation starts as expected.
    Can somebody tell, what´s wrong with Arexx Script?


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