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    Doesn't look like much, but this is the 1st sign of life for the abox.module:


    function areadraw(cl,obj,msg)
    rp = area:asset("rp")
    width = area:asset("mwidth")
    height = area:asset("mheight")
    top = area:asset("mtop")
    left = area:asset("mleft")
    bottom = area:asset("mbottom")
    right = area:asset("mright")

    Still plenty to do, in the end I expect to have 3 modules:

    mui.module all that was in the AROS version plus support for subclassing
    abox.module some GFX funcztions wrapped around objects (RastPort) plus a generic LibCall later on
    cdata.module access C Structs and Arrays from LUA (the Struct class is part of the mui.module atm)

    I've also written a parser for mui.h and the "muistructs.lua" file is already useable (I'm still using the AROS supplied ones for functions and definitions).

    I've also changed the type of "msg" passed to a method, it is now a "Struct" object as defined in the dispathcer declaration.

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