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    Lets not go overboard....

    The whole thing started with an attempt to have scripted objects in SteamDraw. These do work in principle but are rather limited without some basic GUI.

    1st thought was to have SteamDraw supply some basic objects (Buttons,Cycles and so on), but then I remembered that Krashan had planned some MUI module way back. So I googled and found nothing, I looked into the CVS wether there might have been something alpha committed before he went 68k, again nada....

    Well, not nada at all as I found your ObjC generating LUA code taking me a moment to figure out what that was all about ;)

    So I thought about doing it myself and came up a few principle designs when some more googling revealed Zulu.....

    Zulu is quite close to what I thought about, so a port seemed the logical choice.

    It is also very small and straightforward to use for anyone with basic MUI experience.

    It does use some basic OO (as in all MUI objects being of one class seen from LUA) and I see no problem expanding it further.

    I also have a parser for mui.h at hand (part of MMamM) which I could adapt to autogenerate the header like LUA scripts.

    Going full in with making a wrapper for MUI (like yours for ObjC) is something I don't plan, cos for the scope of LUA scripts one can either handle writing "classic" MUI-makro-maddness or is better of using a GUI-creator (also part of my project bucketlist).


    Will see if I can add subclassing and mcc support
    Might add another module for (cyber)graphics, maybe based on amilua (also AROS)
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