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    I'll admit, this was a disappointment I was not prepared for (after buying and converting several R300 cards for MorphOS use).
    In fact, I've downgraded back to Radeon 9000Pro cards.
    But if we could do this re-compilation, we wouldn't have to worry about similar problems with other video cards we might want to adopt in the future.
    Current, the G5 PowerMac that we've just adopted could potentially handle R400 cards (so X800XTs are a possibility with a new driver).
    And, PCIe G5s are ever supported, then R500 cards like the X1900GT are a possibility.

    So...hopefully some ambitious individual will step up.

    Just don't expect Frank or Mark to want to tackle it. They've both accomplished enough recently that they deserve nothing more than our kudos.
    Which, btw, they definately have on my part.
    Way to go guys. I'm really enjoying playing around with the iBook (I'll get around to a G5 eventually - probably after 3.3 is released). :-D

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