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    Since 3.0, tinyl.library is not anymore using rave3d.library.
    Instead, tinygl got its own dedicated driver system allowing much superior performances and features.
    3.0 came with a r200 driver for tinygl.
    3.2 added a r300 driver to tinygl.

    This also means MorphOS runs two 3D driver systems simultaneously, side by side on the very same r200 hardware. Which is technically quite impressive IMHO :-)

    rave3d.library (which always was a private library) and its drivers aren't developed anymore (even though sometimes some bugfix is made, as you can see in the changelogs)
    No r300 driver will be written for rave3d which can be considered as some legacy component.

    It's true warp3d(ppc).library was built around rave3d.library during the previous century and so doesn't benefit from tinygl's r300 driver.
    But this is definitively not a bug. And this is not done for the purpose to break w3d. This is to be considered as a side effect of stepping forward in the 3d area :-p

    So, for now, there is no way to run warp3d crap stuff on r300. It remains to be seen if somebody will one day write some rave3d.library driver using tinygl. Or will modify warp3d(ppc).library to use tinygl.library. Technically both are possible. But today none exists.
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