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    bigfoot wrote:
    The CPU usage you're seeing is not due to vertex transformations, but due to the CPU waiting for the GPU to finish rendering.

    This is something I wanted to read. :) The answer is enough for me. I will not worry that I do something wrong if a simple geometry causes higher CPU usage.
    Thank you!

    I want to point out that I have no problem, I don't look for a solution for something unexpected. I have 60fps in 1440x960. :) I just wanted to understand the process.

    I couldn't ask on other forums, other websites because there are no authors of 3D-drivers, GL-implementations. Everywhere I meet GL-users which usually don't know (like me) how the process exactly works on a low level.
    On MorphZone we have unique opportunity of asking authors of operating system/drivers... So I took this opportunity. Thank you for answers.
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