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    jacadcaps wrote:
    1. Did you check what thread is using the CPU?

    No, I didn't check it. Good suggestion.


    jacadcaps wrote:
    You might want to use a custom screen for 3D since high rate of large screen updates on the Ambient screen will be costly if you are using enhanced display.

    Yes, I allow to a user select screen resolution.
    Generally I have no problems with performance (I have 60fps in 1440x960 on my PowerBookG4). I am not looking for reason of a problem. I just wanted to find answer to question which I have im my head for about 20 years and nobody is able to answer me. :) I just would like to know how much is CPU used during drawing accelerated graphics. I though that scaling/rendering (without calculating geometry in cause of OpenGL 1.x) is only GPU-task. I am a bit surprised (for almost 25 years, also on MiniGL, StormMESA) that CPU is used also for rendering.


    jacadcaps wrote:
    As for your own code, I recommend using SDK's EventProfiler.

    Good idea! I haven't used the profiler yet. I must use the tool because it can be very useful for me. Thank you for the suggestion.
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