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    MDW wrote:

    bigfoot wrote:
    Morphiller demo now also runs on the Radeon HD 5450, except the final report screen that seems to misrender a bit.

    It's an honor for me that you checked my little production. I am very happy. :-)

    You released it while I was working on the R600 driver. Of course I had to test it :D Thanks for the shout-out in the scroller, BTW ;)


    MDW wrote:
    Regarding final report screen maybe in my implementation is a reason of the problem. End scroller, launcher and the report screen uses my quite complicated GUI-system. Maybe I will be able to help for detect reason of the problem?

    If you have any suggestions as to what might be causing the misrendering, I'd be happy to hear! Here's a screenshot of the problem. The end scroller and the settings GUI both seem to render correctly as far as I can tell, it's really only this results screen that's giving a problem.

    I also just noticed that if I enable the FPS counter, the FPS counter misrenders the same way the report screen does.
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