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    man schrieb:
    it s only for x5000 the graphic card radeon hd5450 ?
    i like to know if it s possible to use with powermac g5

    About 2 years ago a tried a PCIe HD5450 in my PowerMac G5 11,2 (the later, PCIe-model) which worked perfectly fine with the MorphOS drivers at that time (though without 3D-Support back then).

    Another HD6450 didn't work at all on MorphOS (but did on Linux). So as bigfoot said it's a bit of hit and miss on a G5.

    If I had an AGP G5 (7,2 or 7,3) I would not be brave enough to use one of these AGP->PCIe adapters. Tried that on my PeeCee back then but had lockups and seemingly random freezes on Windows/Linux. But if someone actually is brave enough to try I would be interested how good/bad the performance of such an adapter solution is. ;-)
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