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    man wrote:
    it s only for x5000 the graphic card radeon hd5450 ?

    No. While I don't think that there are any AGP versions of that particular graphics card, the PCI Express version can work in any machine that accepts PCI Express cards, and theoretically it can even work with a PCI Express to PCI bridge.

    Besides the X5000, there's also the Sam460 which is supported by MorphOS and which has native PCI Express support.

    One caveat is that while some of these Radeon HD cards work fine in MorphOS even when the ROM hasn't been executed by the system's firmware, the support for this is still a bit hit-and-miss. What this means is that if you've got a Sam460 or an X5000, you can feel confident that these cards will work. If you've got any other setup that could physically accept the card, then it might work, but it might just as well not.

    So attempting to use such a card in a Powermac is not something I can recommend unless you really like experimenting.
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