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    Cool_amigaN wrote:
    However, with GLQuake, I get the follwoing error: Starting Quake...
    I_Error: Hunk_Alloc: failed on 1544814608 bytes
    I can't recall whether this was happening in the past with some versions of MorphOS/TinyGL and then it stopped working.

    You can easily test if it's caused by the TinyGL update by copying in MorphOS/Libs/tinygl.library, MorphOS/Libs/tinygl/r200.library and MorphOS/Libs/tinygl/r300.library from a MorphOS 3.17 ISO to your sys: partition, rebooting and trying again. It'd help me a lot to get this confirmation before I try to reproduce it myself. Also please create a new temporary Quake folder with just the Quake binary, id1/pak0.pak and id1/pak1.pak present, to make sure it's not triggered by some installed mod.

    If it turns out that it does work with the files from MorphOS 3.17, then please link me to the version of GLQuake you're using, as there are many of them around :)
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